Computer Repairs & Upgrades


Is your desktop not switching on? Perhaps it won’t boot into windows or it gives you a blue screen. Whatever problem you have, we can help. Or perhaps you need to add some more ram or a bigger hard drive to it? We can help you with that too.

Laptop Repairs & Upgrades



From broken screens, slow, overheating or dead laptops to virus infections or blue screens we can repair it all. All fixed and repaired at our premises. We also perform upgrades as well.

Mobile Phone and Tablet Repairs


Dropped your Mobile Phone or tablet? We can repair your broken screen same day. Broken home or power button, we can repair that too. We also perform software upgrades and unlock.

CCTV & Security Installations


We supply and install bespoke security systems to suit all applications. These solutions, which use electronic surveillance and detection can pinpoint problems, constantly sweeping your site inside out and are designed to bring you piece of mind.

Data Recovery Services


Data loss can be a traumatic event so we try to make the process of getting it back as stress free as possible. Fast, efficient and secure data recovery from all data storage media irrespective of any data loss situations. We recover your lost data with 100% security and confidentiality.

Virus & Spyware Removal


Unless you are properly protected, the chances are your system is already infected with software that may allow others to view your private files and bank details. With what seems like thousands of new infections being released every week its almost inevitable that your PC will get infected with one sooner or later.

Computer Health Check


Just like your car, a service should be a vital part of your computer’s working life. Why put up with noisy fans, windows taking half an hour to load up and of course the risk of data loss? We carry out data recoveries for home users and business users of all sizes.

IT Recycling & Disposal


We understand that data security is a huge concern for businesses and individuals who decide to recycle their unwanted IT and computer equipment. This is why we have developed our IT recycling service to be not just environmentally friendly but 100% secure, giving you the peace of mind you need to concentrate on running your business.




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