Data Recovery

Fast Diagnosis, Quote and No Data – No Fee

  Data loss can be a traumatic event so we try to make the process of getting it back as stress free as possible. We therefore make some assurances.  

  • Free Diagnostics – We will assess your drive and give you a free, no obligations quote
  • No Data No Fee* – If we can’t retrieve your data, you don’t pay (*A fee may apply if the drive has been opened previously)
  • Up front Cost Estimate – No unexpected bills
  • Fast Recovery – Most jobs completed within 2 – 3 days of go ahead.  If you’re in a hurry then let us know, we could get it back to you next day


 What Can We Recover

We can recover data from a wide variety of media and devices

  We carry out data recoveries for home users and business users of all sizes. Anyone from the ordinary student who has lost their thesis to large Oil Companies who have lost a RAID Array may require data recovery. All physical work is carried out in a Class 10 Clean Air Environment. We have invested a lot of time and money into the correct equipment and the knowledge of how to use it in order to provide you with the best possible chance of getting your data back. As Stevenage’s only Data Recovery Specialists you will be in safe hands.  

  • Formatted Drive
  • Slow Responding Drive
  • Deleted Files
  • Clicking Drive
  • Dropped Drive
  • Dead Drive
  • Broken USB Pen
  • Computer Wont Boot

  We have a range of tools and equipment in our lab including AceLab Products, DDI’s and a few others, all costing thousands of pounds a piece, we have invested heavily in the very best of equipment to offer our clients the best possible recovery outcomes.  

What Should I Do If I’ve Lost Data or Suspect Something is Wrong?

The first thing you should do is stop using the computer, card or USB drive. The longer you use it the less likely it is that the data will be recoverable. Contact us immediately for advice. Common signs of a drive failing are:

  • Clicking Drive
  • Computer Crashes Randomly
  • Slow Running Computer
  • Files Disappearing
  • No Response From External Hard Drive or Card
  • Failed RAID Array


Do You Offer Fixed Fee Recoveries?

We cost each recovery on a case by case basis.  We feel it’s unfair to offer a fixed price for all recoveries as we would end up charging people a lot for what might be a simple recovery.  Many companies charge a fixed fee, say £299, for a job that may only take an hour and where we would charge significantly less.  The other problem with Data Recovery companies offering a fixed fee is that they tend to cherry pick the easy jobs while rejecting the hard ones, simply telling the customer the drive is not recoverable.


What’s It Going to Cost

Prices vary according to what’s wrong and how long it takes to do the recovery. As a rough guide, most data recoveries are in the £65 – £350 Range. We can give you a more accurate estimate upon inspection of the drive or media. Many jobs come in at our lower charge but if your drive has physical damage it may require replacement parts to be sourced and fitted in our clean air area and therefore prices may be higher, we will of course tell you this first. We will give you an estimate before carrying out the data recovery so you wont be hit by any unexpected costs. If we can’t recover your data there’s no charge! We advise all our customers to contact us first before going any further. We can normally give you a good idea what a recovery is likely to cost by speaking to you on the phone, so why not call us now on 01992 878584 OR 07757 630 323 and speak to one of our friendly members of staff.