Computer Health Check

Just like your car, a service should be a vital part of your computer’s working life. Why put up with noisy fans, windows taking half an hour to load up and of course the risk of data loss?

Health Check Computer Key In Green Showing Medical Examination

 What Are The Benefits of a Health Check

  1. Catching a problem before it has time to cause any damage can often work out cheaper than costly repairs
  2. Improves performance and reliability
  3. Removes any virus or spyware infections that might be compromising your security
  4. Helps catch failing components before they can cause any data loss or overheating issues


What we will do, Our 10 Point Health Check

  1. A physical clean of the system including fans and heat sinks
  2. A check of all the hardware components
  3. Defragmentation of the hard drive
  4. Temporary files cleared
  5. Registry entries cleaned
  6. Unnecessary programs removed from startup
  7. Virus and spyware removed
  8. Minor hard drive errors corrected
  9. Windows updates applied
  10. Recommendation of any hardware replacements/upgrades if required


Good examples why you should have your PC Serviced regularly…

I have lost count of the number of people that have lost years worth of photos, enormous music collections and years worth of Thesis and Dissertation work. Many of these disasters could have been avoided if their systems had been serviced and advice on backing up data acted upon (Please Please Please Backup your data on a regular basis).

Other examples are systems clogged with so much dust and hair that vital fans have clogged causing overheating and resulting damage to large parts of those systems. These systems could have had an inexpensive service and saved the owners hard earned cash for something a bit more exciting.