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Herts Installation Systems can provide secure and reliable electronic Access Control and Intercom systems, so that you can minimise the risk to your home and/or business. We offer a range of door security and access control solutions to allow the free-flow of authorised people, as well as denying access to unauthorised people.

How can Door Entry Systems benefit you?

check mark blueControl of who enters a room / building
check mark blueAudio and Video door entry verification
check mark blueProtection of employees and sensitive information
check mark blueSecurity of certain sectors of the building
check mark blueSecure other facilities/equipment including Vending machines, PCs etc
check mark blueIncreases security with Photo ID
check mark blueIntegrate other security systems for a centralised management of the site
check mark blueNo need to change locks when employees leave – just remove their ID

Electronic access control is a completely flexible system that can be managed remotely from anywhere in the world! You can restrict access to cardholders automatically in all or selected areas. This means that access cards can be cancelled at any time, so your business is never put at risk. In comparison, the traditional manual lock and key accesscontsystem can leave your business unsecured if a key is lost or stolen. You may need to replace all locks costing the business a lot of money.
 Control of who enters your property is only a small element of the full potential that door security and door entry systems can offer. Sensitive areas, such as a manager’s office or stockrooms may need extra protection, and you can designate areas, with time zones to allow access to individuals at certain times of the day/shifts, e.g. the Cleaner.
An added security measure is that through the use of proximity, magnetic swipe cards, pin pad or finger print recognition, you can monitor who has entered the property and/or any restricted areas. You can also be warned of any entry interferences where a door is being forced or held open – a simple added security measure. A popular choice is an Audio/Visual system whereby you can view your visitors and therefore easily control or deny entry of unwanted guests.

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